Swiss Government

The Swiss government has been observing the divergence between WHO and SIHO with suspicious eyes since 2015.

From SIHO’s point of view it is scandalous that half of humanity suffers from an untreated iron deficiency only because the doctors are lied to in favour of capital by the textbooks. Now the Federal Council perhaps even wants to abolish the cash cover for iron therapy before the end of this year. That would be an undeserved slap in the face for women who would not be handed out by any government in the world. The women are innocent of their menstruation. Why did God introduce menstruation to humans and not to animals?

The Bern Tribunal will take a stand on this in autumn 2019 as the Last Judgement.

  • Do women really need as much iron as men to live without deficiency symptoms, as SIHO can prove?
  • Is menstruation really the most common cause of female iron deficiency, as SIHO has recognized?
  • Is it right to return the missing iron to the iron deficiency women as SIHO does and teaches it?
  • Is it right that health insurance companies pay for iron therapy, as is the case in Switzerland?