Iron lie

The World Health Organization WHO and the textbooks claim globally the five errors (iron lies)

  1. Iron deficiency is only manifest in anaemia
  2. A ferritin level of 15 ng/ml would be sufficient for all women and children, although it is above 100 ng/ml for men.
  3. Women and children need less iron than adult men
  4. Only a very strong menstruation (hypermenorrhoea) can lead to iron deficiency.
  5. Iron tablets are therapeutically effective

The Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO has exposed the iron lie thanks to the Iron Code. This led to the iron breakthrough in Switzerland.

  1. Iron deficiency is already manifest in its early stages (iron deficiency syndrome).
  2. A ferritin value of 15 ng/ml is sufficient for very few people to be healthy.
  3. Women, children and adolescents need as much iron as adult men to be healthy.
  4. Normal or weak menstruation can also lead to iron deficiency.
  5. Iron tablets are preventively effective. However, because they are not therapeutically effective, the Swiss medical profession has introduced intravenous iron compensation.