Iron scandal

I’m suffering, but I’m still smiling. I’m even missing my eyebrows.

Half of humanity suffers from iron deficiency!

It’s a scandal that almost nobody knows about. Half mankind suffers from iron deficiency only because mankind is unable to recognize it and treat it successfully. The reason for this is the iron lie in the textbooks. That is why the Swiss medical profession has reacted by introducing iron therapy.

Another iron scandal is looming in Switzerland. The Swiss government intends to abolish the compulsory health insurance for iron therapy in autumn 2019. This would be an undeserved slap in the face for women who are innocent of their menstruation.

Because the WHO claims and teaches the iron lie, the Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO, the Medical Iron Centres, the Iron League and the Iron Movement were created in Switzerland as a counterweight.  We can prove that women and children need as much iron as adult men in order to live without deficiency symptoms (Eurofer practical study).

The Iron League fights for the preservation of the cash cover for iron therapy. We protest for the women’s iron law and against the unfair intentions of the Federal Council. Anyone with the same opinion can sign the Iron League petition. More than 16,000 people have signed the petition so far.

That is why there is the iron demonstration.